The market consists of various types of vacuum cleaners and each possesses its own unique features. Many people whoever purchases the first vacuum cleaner they set their eyes on when they get to the market to buy a vacuum cleaner. Other people do a fast purchase because buying a vacuum cleaner is not very exciting when it is on their shopping list. The various models of vacuum cleaners in the market have their pros and cons. This article therefore aims at providing a brief introduction into the various types of vacuum cleaners available and their advantages as well as disadvantages.


Stick Vacuum cleaners


These types of vacuum cleaners are very thin and light. They are mainly very good for easy and quick clean ups. It is however important to note that they are not meant for the who house cleaning effort. Their main disadvantage is that they may not give satisfactory cleaning despite their light weight design making it possible to work with them. Their vacuum bags are also very small in size. When considering whether to purchase the one using batteries or not, make sure you check the battery life first. Read more!


Upright cleaners


This type of cleaner are fitted in a single unit with a beater, hose, motor and also a bag. Some are fitted with wheels which makes it very easy to move them around the house in order to clean all the room efficiently. An upright cleaner is able to clean both wooden and carpeted areas of the house. However, it is important to note that this type of cleaner do not work well on staircase and closets.


Canister vacuums


They are mainly fitted with a canister just like the name suggests as well as a long hose that, makes them very good for cleaning curtains, vertical surfaces and even hard woods. These vacuum cleaners deposit debris and dust into a container rather than in a vacuum bag. A canister vacuum makes a very good choice for cleaning homes with people suffering from allergy. These kinds of canister vacuums are also fitted with Hepa filters and hence enabling removal of dust easily.


Robotic cleaners



The latest trend of vacuum cleaners is the robotic cleaners. These cleaners are fitted with dirt sensors which guide their movement making them to be hassle free as well as save time. Another advantage is that their heads are adjustable for various floor heights. Some also have brush edges for washing the edges of a room around furniture. They make a very attractive option. Read to understand more about vacuum cleaners.